Thursday, 27 June 2013

Birds on a Wire - Image plate MM14

So the manufacturer sent me samples of the new upcoming birdie plate.  I love this plate!  (And I have misplaced this plate.  I've torn the house apart looking for it... maybe one of the kids used it as a coaster or something.  Grr!)

Anyway... this was the image I was really desperate to try out.. I used the same gradient as I used in the 2 wise men mani for the accent nail.  I though about doing the birds on the wire on all of the nails, but thought it might be a bit overwhelming so I only did it on 2 nails on each hand.

Pretty happy with how it turned out!  :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

3 new stamping plates are off to the manufacturers!

I've been busy over the last few weeks designing a few new stamping plates.  3 to be exact!  And today I'm going to introduce you t my new babies.  These should be available in the store in 6 - 8 weeks time... hopefully sooner!! 

Firstly we have "William Morris and friends".  William Morris was a fabric/wallpaper designer in the 1800s.  His designs are classic and beautiful and I just had to have them on my nails!  Here is the plate I have created in his honour:

The lines are very fine on this one, although my manufacturer assures me that they will work out OK, I have ordered a sample to make sure it is AOK before we take it to a full production run.

The next two are a pair, "In the Garden" and "in the forest".  It's winter here, (and we live in a cold part of the country!) I miss the outdoors and thought at least I could bring a little bit of the outside in, even if only on my nails!

Here is "In the Garden"

And last not least is "In the Forest"

I hope you like them!

(I will be releasing them for reservation once I know that they have been successfully manufactured :)  )

Saturday, 15 June 2013

PINK nails for the ANM Challenge.

So this week the challenge was pink... better late than never I guess! I did these and they were a little bit overwhelming in real life, so I added the green thumbnail just to go all-out.  :p

Not sure what's going on with the colour adjustment, the first one is about right!

All of the polishes are from the current Savvy line, available from Priceline in Australia for $3.. not bad and there are some pretty colours there!

The image plate is Messy Mansion MM07.