Thursday, 20 June 2013

3 new stamping plates are off to the manufacturers!

I've been busy over the last few weeks designing a few new stamping plates.  3 to be exact!  And today I'm going to introduce you t my new babies.  These should be available in the store in 6 - 8 weeks time... hopefully sooner!! 

Firstly we have "William Morris and friends".  William Morris was a fabric/wallpaper designer in the 1800s.  His designs are classic and beautiful and I just had to have them on my nails!  Here is the plate I have created in his honour:

The lines are very fine on this one, although my manufacturer assures me that they will work out OK, I have ordered a sample to make sure it is AOK before we take it to a full production run.

The next two are a pair, "In the Garden" and "in the forest".  It's winter here, (and we live in a cold part of the country!) I miss the outdoors and thought at least I could bring a little bit of the outside in, even if only on my nails!

Here is "In the Garden"

And last not least is "In the Forest"

I hope you like them!

(I will be releasing them for reservation once I know that they have been successfully manufactured :)  )