Monday, 8 July 2013

OMD Challenge, Day 2 - Blue Jeans

So last week I invested in a gel manicure lamp and some polishes. Part of my problem is changing manis.. and often if I'm swatching a new image plate, I'll only do 4 or 5 nails on one hand. My nails look a mess after all of this testing, and for someone in the nail art business, this is pretty uncool! So.. I bought the gel kit so that I could wear the gel underneath and then swatch on top without having to go right back to a clean slate after each swatch.

And it's working beautifully!

 I can do my mani over the top in regular polish (even glitter if I apply it right) and then take it off.. leaving the perfect gel manicure on day after day to strengthen my nails (because they come in for a ton of punishment) and give me something to walk out the door in that isn't completely trashed. Anyway, on to today's mani. First up is my blue manicure, I loved the blue glitter and the Essie I wore as a base color.. but I took this off pretty quickly as I wasn't that happy with the stamping. It got washed out and I didn't have time to do it again. :( and then there is my gel polish job, which emerged untouched after I removed the blue.

I love having the gel underneath!

2. Blue: