Wednesday, 10 July 2013

OMD Challenge Day 3 - Purple nails.. cornflowers!

I had a bit of fun with these... got to pull the flakies out again! This one uses the cornflower images off MM07 (The Roses plate.)
The purple is Ulta3 "orchid"... a totally gorgeous purple and well worth the $2 price tag. Actually I'm really enjoying all of the Ulta3s I've bought.. nice to not have to pay expensive prices for China Glaze, O.P.I and still get a wonderful colour. In other news, I applied my first acrylic tip to my thumb nail. My thumb nails twist and so I can't get them to grow very long before they go wobbly looking and snap. It's not all that long, but longer than I would have been able to grow on my own. I'll get a photo tomorrow, I'm really pleased with the result. :)

3. Purple :